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IF you are creative enough, this is the challenge for you! Join the #TheMainEvent now on TikTok, pick one category that you are interested in. In the following ten days, we are going to pick total 6 winners from the each hashtag and 100 lucky users to join the offline event Rules: 1. Winners will be able to see Maine Mendoza in person and engage with her on the stage. 2. Twenty most viewed video uploaders under each hashtag will receive TikTok merch package. (one(1) user may only get one package) 3. Upload your videos with the main hashtag #themainevent and pick a category to increase your chance of getting picked as a winner: - Comedy #themaineventcomedy - Talent: #themaineventtalent - Fashion: #themaineventfashion 4. Top three (3) most viewed videos for the hashtag #themaineventcomedy, and one (1) most viewed video from each of the hashtags: #themaineventtalent, #themaineventfashion and #themainevent will be selected as winners. 5. All users must follow the Tik Tok community rules. Users who violate those rules will be disqualified.

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